17 Jun 2012

Profile of Member from One Direction (Biography)


 Liam Payne
Full Name : Liam James Payne
August, 29 - 1993
From :Wolverhampton, West Midlands, UK
Religion :Christian
Height : 178cm
Twitter: @Real_Liam_Payne
Fav Film: All Three of The Toys Story Movies
Fav Colour: Purple
Fav Actor: Adam Sandler

Hobby: Playing Basketball
Liam has problems with his kidneys since baby :(
He's so damn cute !!!

 Harry Styles
Full Name: Harry Edward Styles
DOB: February, 1st - 1994
From: Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, UK
Religion : Christian
Height: 178cm
Twitter: @Harry_Styles
Fav Film: Love Actually
Fav Colour: Blue
Hobby: Playing tennis and badminton
Harry is the youngest member

Zayn Malik
Full Name: Zayn Javadd Malik
DOB: January, 12 - 1993
From: Lane Baildon, Bradford, UK
Religion: Islam
Height: 175cm
Twitter: @zaynmalik
Fav Film: Scarface
Fav Colour: Blue

Zayn is Half Pakistani & Half English

Niall Horan
Full Name: Niall James Horan
DOB: September, 13 - 1993
From: Mullingar, County Westmeath, Ireland
Religion: Christian
Height: 171cm
Twitter: @NiallOfficial
Fav Film: Grease
Fav Instrument: Guitar

Niall is the funniest

Louis Tomlinson
Full Name: Louis William Tomlinson
DOB: December, 24 - 1991
From: Doncaster, South Yorkshire, UK
Religion: Christian

Height: 175cm
Twitter: @Louis_Tomlinson
Film Favorit: Grease
Warna Favorit: Dark Red
Louis is The oldest


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i love one direction..... they are the best.... i love all you guyzzz